8255/60 Vehicle Mount Computers

Meeting the new supply chain demands

  •  Dual Type II PCMCIA slots: one for ATA expansion card for mass data storage, the other for choice of radio support
  •  Extensive radio support:802.11b Lucent 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum;902 MHz spread spectrum and narrowband; Mobitex wide area
  •  Terminal Development Kit provides programming tools for developing real-time or batch applications
Unparalleled support for advanced emulations including IBM 3270,5250,HP 2392 and ANSI VT220
Unparalleled support for advanced emulations including IBM 3270,5250,HP 2392 and ANSI VT220
Application-optimization to suit your ERP, WMS or supply chain software system
Choice of three display options to suit your needs: Vacuum Fluorescent, Liquid Crystal or Electroluminescent
Smallest vehicle-mount footprint in the industry
Low-temperature (-20 °C/-4 °F) and freezer condensing (-30 °C/-22 °F) versions available

Success in today 's fast-paced economy demands real-time information from across your supply chain. The 8255 and 8260 Vehicle-Mount Wireless Computers meet the challenge, allowing mobile workers to instantly collect and transmit inventory information, yielding better operations planning and improved customer turnaround times. The 8200 Series offers unprecedented flexibility: DOS-based, user-programmable, and able to support a wide range of wireless radios, these computers will adapt to meet the changing needs of your business. Built to withstand the harshest physical environments without compromising accuracy or high-speed performance, the 8200 Series offers unrivalled speed and flexibility in a tough package.

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