The e-Shipping Logistics Solution can manage the shipping functions for any company moving a product out the door--whether the order is downloaded, placed online, or entered internally by customer service. That means the e.SLS is the perfect solution for a wide range of e-businesses, from Fortune 5000 business-to-business enterprises to consumer-oriented online businesses. The e-SLS provides total-order-visibility throughout the order pipeline gives accurate rating and routing information and allows for the selection of multiple carriers on a single system. The e-SLS module can be installed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into KNAPP's WMS-2000 application. 
The right functionality 
 •  End-to-end order visibility from any point along the supply chain
 •  Multiple-carrier options and accurate shipping rates
 •  More choices for our customers and their online shippers
 •  Better customer information for better customer service

From the e-SLS work stations - perform a variety of functions such as weight verification (system calculated vs. actual), split or combine shipping cases, display contents, list order detail, review customer shipping data, select service level. Last but not least, have the integrated rate servers seamlessly process the packages and print the appropriate shipping labels. Gain complete control of all your shipping paperwork requirements (i.e. BOL, MBOL, manifests, packing lists, etc.). Together the WMS-2000 Shipping System and the rate server software can reduce your company's overall transportation costs by shipping right every time. 
KNAPP Featured Products: 
 •  WMS-2000 - New Multi-Language Capabilities
The newest, most innovative warehouse management software offering from KNAPP
Warehouse Control Software, putting the power in your hands to control any automated system in your facility, regardless of make or brand.
 •  e-Shipping Logistics Solution (e-SLS)
This powerful new integrated shipping module, with expanded functionality and versatility, offers complete and fully integrated routing and rating functionality.
 •  KB-2000
The KB-2000 (Knowledge Base) analytical package was designed to extract and analyze critical operational, performance, and product data from the WMS-2000 system.

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Featured Products




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