The ability to maximize and manage your valuable resources is critical in today's business environment. Warehouse and DC's today need the ability to manage more than the traditional functions of receiving, put-away, storage, picking, and shipping. They must manage their assets. The information technology advancements that can shape the difference between standard warehousing methodology and an activity based system is a sophisticated tool that accurately... 
Measures and Analyzes 
 •  Productivity and performance
 •  Product flow statistics and identifying trends
 •  Functional and operational performance
 •  Potential areas for improvements

KB-2000 is an entirely new analytical tool, which includes a productivity package that allows the user to track the productivity of your warehouse staff either individually or in groups, and either in real time or in any historical unit you choose. It also allows you to track your product flow and monitor such items as the cost of moving it through your facility and the impact of procedural changes in your facility. 
KNAPP Featured Products: 
 •  WMS-2000 - New Multi-Language Capabilities
The newest, most innovative warehouse management software offering from KNAPP
Warehouse Control Software, putting the power in your hands to control any automated system in your facility, regardless of make or brand.
 •  e-Shipping Logistics Solution (e-SLS)
This powerful new integrated shipping module, with expanded functionality and versatility, offers complete and fully integrated routing and rating functionality.
 •  KB-2000
The KB-2000 (Knowledge Base) analytical package was designed to extract and analyze critical operational, performance, and product data from the WMS-2000 system.

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Featured Products




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