KNAPP KLASS-XTM is an off-the-shelf WCS software package putting the power in your hands to control any automated system in your warehouse, regardless of the make/brand of your equipment. KLASS-X's robust functionality supports most customer business processes right out-of-the-box. Simply configure the facility layout and customer-specific business processes and KLASS-XTM is ready for action. KLASS-XTM is proven technology currently installed in over 400 warehouses worldwide. A rock-solid IBM RS/6000-series platform and the proven AIX UNIX operating system guarantee both high performance, and constant availability. Ongoing development of its features set is constantly adding new features and functionality to every warehouse using KLASS-XTM, ensuring it will keep up with the demands for lower order-turnaround and smaller order size. 
FEATURES & BENEFITS - Automation of conveyor and picking systems
Highly Transparent Solution All events can be directly forwarded to machine and the WMS interfaces.
Online Statistics Package Spot and Prevent impending problems damaging customer satisfaction at their source.
Tracking and Traceability An efficient logging system ensures the ability to trace all warehouse transactions for months after product leaves your warehouse.
High Performance and Scalability Guarantees the customer a high-availability KNAPP KLASS-X controlled automated system.
Control and optimization of all product handling Optimize all product handling operations from receiving to shipping, even extending to customer returns
Automation from one source One interface suffices for all types of machines
Up-to-date technologies A web-enabled application offering real-time data processing, ensuring high-speed transactions
Experience from more than 400 installations worldwide Guarantees security through almost 50 years experience in the programming of automated material handling equipment.
KNAPP Featured Products: 
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Featured Products




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