W M S 2000

In today's rapidly changing business environment, successful supply chain management relies on accurate, instantaneous information. The ability to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time, at the lowest cost, is crucial to competitiveness, profitability, and growth. For these reasons, each year numerous companies select KNAPP's WMS-2000 system to control their warehousing and distribution center operations. 
WMS-2000 is a highly flexible, graphical, internet/intranet enabled, real-time, automated warehouse management software system. It is designed to operate under either NT or UNIX platforms and the GUI front end was developed in JavaŽ which means that the system can be accessed from any web browser. The WMS-2000 system uses client-server software and hardware that combines the latest technologies in data management, bar coding, and radio frequency data communications in a modular, networked architecture. WMS-2000 adapts easily to fit each user's manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution center management requirements. 
Key Benefits 
 • Control and Manage Your Resources & Inventory 
 • Improve Productivity and Performance From Anywhere in the World 
 • NT - Internet Ready 
KNAPP Featured Products: 
 •  WMS-2000 - New Multi-Language Capabilities
The newest, most innovative warehouse management software offering from KNAPP
Warehouse Control Software, putting the power in your hands to control any automated system in your facility, regardless of make or brand.
 •  e-Shipping Logistics Solution (e-SLS)
This powerful new integrated shipping module, with expanded functionality and versatility, offers complete and fully integrated routing and rating functionality.
 •  KB-2000
The KB-2000 (Knowledge Base) analytical package was designed to extract and analyze critical operational, performance, and product data from the WMS-2000 system.

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Featured Products




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