The breakthrough WLAN architecture with intelligence centralized at the switch. 
For greater mobility performance, stronger security, easier network management and lower cost of ownership.
The Mobius Wireless System is the breakthrough WLAN technology that delivers significantly enhanced functionality and mobility management along with lower cost of deployment and ownership. Now, you can more fully realize the tremendous business benefits of mobility - from the corner office to the point of sale. 
The Mobius Wireless System is the latest innovation in Symbol's wireless solution set. It features the Mobius Axon Wireless Switch for media independent, switch-based wireless networking. MobiusGuardTM, a complete, robust security suite that protects mobile data, applications and your network through VLAN and other proven mobile security technology. Ethernet-based power solutions that reduce deployment and installation time and costs and management software that provides greater control, flexibility and services.  
Maximizing and protecting your investment. Enabling the future.
The Mobius Wireless System goes far beyond the traditional dual-mode wireless LAN approach, providing an architecture that you can grow with. The system is open, extensible and expandable. There's no need to think of migration in the traditional sense. Its media independence is designed to support frequency hopping, 802.11b, 802.11a and emerging standards; we're even providing an upgrade path to allow legacy access points to become members of the Mobius Wireless System. Class of Service functionality provides flexible, secure user access and application management without sacrificing performance. 
All at a lower TCO.
Yet, with everything that the Mobius Wireless System gives you, there is one it doesn't: higher costs. In fact, the Mobius Wireless System significantly lowers the cost of deploying network infrastructure. It drives down the cost of managing, maintaining and upgrading wireless systems. And its unique scalability and flexibility - its ability to support today's users, services and standards and tomorrow's - means your wireless infrastructure investment is protected long-term. The Mobius Wireless System. It's a new definition in wireless local area networking. From Symbol Technologies. 
Infrastructure Components
The Mobius Wireless System represents a fundamentally new definition of wireless local area networking - a new architecture that organizes infrastructure into new, more powerful component parts. The brains and heart of the system: The Mobius Axon Wireless Switch. 
The Mobius Strip
The Mobius Strip, one of the most famous and curious (and, indeed, simplest) constructs in topology, was named after August Ferdinand Möbius, a 19th Century German mathematician and astronomer. The Mobius Strip is marvelously simple - just take a strip of material, give it a half twist, and fasten the ends. The result has the remarkable property of having only one surface. The Mobius Strip is an intriguing embodiment of continuity and seamless connectivity - two characteristics Symbol sees as critical in the design of communications systems, and so clearly the guiding principles of the Mobius Wireless System. With all elements of your wireless network on a single, continuous surface, the Mobius Wireless System brings wireless LANs into parity with the rest of the network - and beyond.
The Mobius Axon Wireless Switch centralizes control and management functions for the wireless network. The intelligence that until now had been designed into the access points of a WLAN have been moved to a central switch with corresponding improvements in functionality. This allows for greater flexibility and extensibility. For example, the Switch is based on Linux-based RTOS, allowing new functions to be added easily. And its 1U rack-mount form factor allows it to be physically secured with other network equipment.

A new and better WLAN infrastructure, the Mobius Wireless System is the WLAN system with centralized intelligence - unifying network access, security, policy management and QoS at the switch level. This provides the highest level of wireless security to protect your network, data and devices (without compromising service). Easier definition of rules for QoS and security (for greater management efficiency). Media independence and scalability (from FH to 802.11b to 802.11a to emerging standards).

Value at the edge: Mobius Access Ports
The Mobius Axon Wireless Switch connects via standard 100BaseT cabling and related components (including standard Ethernet hubs and switches) to Mobius Access Ports. The Access Ports contain the wireless LAN radio and antenna. The key benefit of this approach is smooth, cost-effective incremental growth - since Access Ports are much less expensive than traditional access points. You also gain the ability to deploy new technologies without disruption to an existing wireless LAN installation. Plus, Access Ports are plenum-rated and can be mounted essentially anywhere. Power can be distributed to Access Ports over Ethernet cabling using Mobius Power Ports, dramatically simplifying installation and eliminating the need to run separate power lines. 
Management, Performance, Security
Traditional WLAN implementations simply cannot compare to Symbol's Mobius Wireless System. In functionality. Network performance. Business benefits. ROI. TCO. Most of all, in value.

From Simplicity to Solutions: the Axon
Nature tends to do things in the simplest possible way. Consider the nerve cell. It's responsible for motor functions, sensory input, and other controls of a living organism. In many ways, it's a living LAN. The part of a neuron (nerve cell) that moves information is the axon - it's the element that communicates electrical signals to the next neuron. Remarkable in its simplicity, the axon is essential to the operation of complex organisms. We think there's a lesson there, and that's why we call our new wireless switch the Mobius Axon. It's the central element that allows for seamless connectivity, built from simple elements, providing a remarkable degree of functionality, reliability and performance.

Centralized Management
System Management functions are available via an XML-based graphical user interface, a command line facility (using telnet, the Switch's serial port, or PPP), and Java-based browsers. We also include a complete set of installation tools, including for site surveying to determine the optimal placement of Access Ports. All network policy management is centralized as well, and we include full support for SNMP. 
The Mobius Wireless System is designed to grow and adapt to changing network requirements and organizational needs, based on your ever-changing business requirements. Adding additional capacity is much easier than with traditional LAN solutions, due to unified management and an architecture designed for flexibility. Integration with the wired LAN network is transparent, and adding more wireless capacity or coverage is seamless and cost-effective. The complexity associated with managing a traditional access-point-based infrastructure is eliminated. 
The Mobius Axon Wireless Switch supports load balancing (moving users from a congested Access Port to one with more available capacity), pre-emptive roaming, clear-channel detection for improved bandwidth utilization, and other mobile performance features. 
Policy Setting, QoS, Network Flexibility
In addition to support for multiple radio technologies, the System also provides service classification, quality of service (QoS) management via IEEE 802.1p, service fairness, support for virtual LANs (VLANs, via IEEE 802.1q), the ability to provide multiple simultaneous ESS domains (in effect providing multiple wireless LANs on a single infrastructure), layer 2/3 filtering, DHCP, NAT, Mobile IP, and more.  
Virtual LAN (VLAN) Support
VLANs allow different classes of service - with their own security policies, if desired - to be implemented on a single wireless LAN infrastructure. Bandwidth allocations and quality of service can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different user groups. 
Lower Deployment and Ownership Cost; Installation Ease
Mobius Axon Access Ports are less expensive than traditional access points. They're plenum-rated for mounting where required, and include features like power-over-Ethernet support to reduce the time and expense of running power to each Port location. With security, policy and network management functions in a single switch, you realize great investment and network management savings. With Symbol's Mobius Wireless System, you gain the lowest total cost of ownership and the best possible return on investment through the life cycle of your investment - plus a longer investment cycle. 
MobiusGuard: Meeting the most rigid security requirements. With today's most comprehensive and effective wireless security solution.
There is no element of networking - wired or wireless - more important than security. As a pioneer and leader in wireless LANs, Symbol Technologies has put security at the heart of the Mobius Wireless System with the MobiusGuard Security Suite. Only MobiusGuard meets all relevant industry standards and provides support for those in development. Only MobiusGuard integrates with the remainder of network infrastructure and applications. And only MobiusGuard provides extensibility to allow the integration of new functionality or custom application requirements. 
MobiusGuard is designed around a set of interlocking features that deliver enhanced functionality and every element required in a complete security solution. 
Wired Equivalent Privacy
Symbol supports the 802.11 Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) standard at 64 and 128 bits. This allows full interoperability with legacy clients or less-critical environments where only basic over-the-air security is required, such as an open public-access application. 
KeyGuard is Symbol's implementation of the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) also called SSN, which is based on draft 802.11i with Symbol enhancements for mobility. TKIP is the industry's response to WEP vulnerabilities. It rotates the keys and adds MIC (Message Integrity Check to address replay attacks). This makes it more difficult for an eavesdropper to obtain enough information to crack WEP keys. 
Advanced Authentication
Equally important with encryption is the management of who (and what devices) get access to your network. Symbol provides support for Kerberos, the Extensible Authentication Protocol/Transport Layer Security (EAP/TLS), 802.1x, and RADIUS. In fact, we've designed MobiusGuard to provide for the easy integration of any additional upper-level functionality you might need - even proprietary solutions for specialized applications. 
AirBEAM® Safe Virtual Private Networking
VPNs are critical to security in both wired and wireless environments. AirBEAM Safe is a complete, end-to-end VPN with advanced management features. It provides VPN security for authentication encryption and data integrity. 
Market Solutions
In markets ranging from retail to manufacturing to healthcare, the freedom and flexibility that mobility enables are quickly moving wireless networks to the mainstream. 
With its ability to reduce costs, improve productivity, re-engineer key processes and create competitive advantage, the Mobius Wireless System delivers more capabilities and greater value to your business - realizing the vast potential of true mobility. 

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