Phaser P460 Memory Scanner Series

Multi-Functional Scanner for Multi-Tasking Environments
The P460 memory scanner breaks new ground in retail-industry scanning. Equipped with memory, keypad, display and an award-winning ergonomic design, this hand-held scanner switches seamlessly from data scanning to data management. Ideal for specialty retail and department stores, the economical P460 plays many roles. At the point of sale, it is a corded hand-held scanner. Placed in a Symbol IntelliStand, it becomes an easy-to-use, hands-free presentation scanner, perfect for scanning small items. In cordless mode, the P460 moves onto the sales floor and loading dock for inventory counts and audits, price checks, order generation, receiving and transfers. 
Award-Winning Design
The P460 is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The futuristic "handle-forward" design was awarded a gold medal in the 1998 Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA98) by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Design Society of America. The scanner's ergonomic contours fit the hand securely and help reduce fatigue, which is important in scan-intensive applications. The P460's 17-key numeric keypad and easy-to-read two-line by 20-character display are top-mounted for effortless access and visibility. The P460 weighs just 12 oz./336 gm. The unit is rugged and comfortable to use. Symbol built it to withstand multiple 5'/1.5 m drops to concrete. 
A Memory Option for Your Application
The standard 512 KB model offers ample storage for inventory counts, gift registry, stock transfer and similar data capture applications. The 1 MB model provides additional memory for look-up files such as item files and price files which can be downloaded to the scanner. Support for look-up files is critical to certain real-time data capture and management applications, such as inventory audit and price verification. The scanner's two-line display can show simple commands such as "Enter Quantity," or "Scan Item." In addition, longer lists or menus can be viewed using the scroll keys. 
Tailor Applications with Ease
Because flexibility is the hallmark of the P460 memory scanner, Symbol Technologies teamed it with MCL-Designer, an easy-to-use Windows-based application development tool. Using MCL-Designer's intuitive graphical user interface, even non-programmers can create custom programs. Applications can be simulated and debugged before they are down-loaded to the P460. The MCL interpreter comes preloaded in the P460's memory. 
Flexible Host Interface
The P460's flexibility extends to the host interface. When you are ready to send or receive data, connect a cable to the P460, or place it in the optional communications cradle. Either way, the P460 interfaces via RS-232 or Symbol's Synapse® "smart" cable to many hosts in many different configurations. Up to 12 cradles can be "daisy chained" to a single RS-232 port on the host. 
Plenty of Power
The P460 comes with a high-capacity, 1100 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the unit for up to 12 hours even during scan-intensive applications. The P460 recharges its battery automatically whenever it is supplied with power either through the cable or cradle. A complete recharge takes less than four hours. 

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