PPT 2700 Series Palm-size PC's 
A Family of Rugged, Pocketable Windows CE-based Computers
Symbol Technologies continues its revolution of pocketable computing with the PPT 2700, combining ruggedized mobility, bar code scanning and wireless communications with the widely popular Microsoft Palm-size PC platform. This family of data management devices now offers companies the ability to leverage the familiarity and flexibility of the Microsoft Windows CE operating system in feature-rich pocketable computers.

Enabling with Ease
Designed to fit securely in either hand, the PPT 2700 operates by touch or pen input and allows the user to navigate applications through the familiar Windows-based environment. Buttons and triggers are positioned to ensure convenient one-handed operation in either hand. Weighing less than 12 oz/335 gm and measuring only 7 in/17.8 cm high, the PPT 2700 enables users to capture, compute and communicate data from anywhere across the enterprise. A member of the "Extreme Environments" category of Symbol products, the PPT 2700 is sealed to IP54 standards for protection against windblown rain and dust, and withstands multiple drops to concrete from up to 4 ft/1.2 m. This enables users to collect and manage data in places other Windows CE devices, like personal organizers, simply can'tů at the point of activity. Now warehouse management can conveniently use a Windows CE device rugged enough to record new inventory levels as shipments are unloaded. Or, service professionals in the field of hospitality can establish Windows-based mobile sales counters during peak times and curbside check-in at hotels - regardless of the weather!

Flexibility with Diverse Application
The PPT 2700 provides the standard PIM software and synchronization capabilities of a Palm-size PC and is fully compatible with standard 32-bit application development tools from Microsoft and third parties. This Palm-size PC comes with 16 MB of RAM and 12 MB of flash ROM to meet data or program storage needs. An application-programming interface (API) from Symbol allows bar code data capture and wireless communication to be easily integrated into a new or existing application. The PPT 2700 supports Symbol's state-of-the-art miniature scan engine, the SE 900, which enables your mobile workforce to capture bar coded data even in sunlight and bright artificial light. The PPT 2740 integrates Spectrum24®, Symbol's IEEE 802.11-based wireless LAN technology for real-time data communications with your remote host system. Now physicians and caregivers can always have access to current patient records anywhere in the hospital. Using bar code data capture and wireless communication, matching of data to patient is facilitated, helping to ensure the accurate dispensation of medications. Using Spectrum24 and Palm-size PC's, school administrators, teachers, and staff can now retrieve and update student records from anywhere on campus, automating paper-intensive processes such as attendance tracking and grading. Symbol Technologies, Inc. and our Business Partners provide application-specific mobile computing, wireless LAN communications for voice and data, and bar code data capture solutions that allow companies the ability to gather and move information quickly, accurately and efficiently, to and from the point of activity, anywhere across the enterprise. 
This product is also available in Palm OS. 

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