The Complete Management Tool for Wireless Networks
Network management is a necessity in today's large and complex WAN/LAN enterprise environment. Standard network management tools do not adequately address the dynamic aspects associated with wireless networks and mobile computing, such as cell association, roaming, random connections, and power management. SpectrumSoft Wireless Network Management System (WNMS) from Symbol Technologies fills this need by providing administrators with the most complete package available for configuring and managing their Spectrum24 networks. 
WNMS provides a migration and expansion path from single site management to complete integrated enterprise management systems such as OpenView, Tivoli/NetView, and Unicenter TNG. WNMS allows your wireless management system to grow with your organization. 
Comprehensive Yet Easy to Use
SpectrumSoft WNMS is seamlessly integrated into the corporate enterprise network management platform. Constructed using proven network management standards (SNMP, MIB-2), WNMS provides the most comprehensive solution to the unique aspects of wireless networks. The system has been designed for ease of use. The graphical user interface provides an intuitive tool for navigating, examining, and managing the wireless network. Symbol Technologies is committed to providing fully integrated technology solutions that address business issues. With WNMS, IT managers now have the tools to install, configure, centrally monitor and manage their entire enterprise, wired and wireless.

Features Benefits
Automated Discovery and Configuration New Access Points automatically recognized and optionally configured
Thresholds and Event Notification Trigger alerts before possible system problem or failure; real-time updates on network events
Reports Single source report generation for inventory, configuration, and usage
Data Trending Track and trend network traffic and usage; proactive analysis of network utilization
Network Mapping  
• Network System Tree
• Custom Maps
• Device Specific Images
• Concise network representation
• Association to physical world
• Logical correlation between device and issue
Intelligent Agent Technology Monitor and coordinate tracking information from multiple data sources to dramatically reduce network management traffic
Access Point (AP) Configuration
• Group Management
• Configuration Database
• Standard SNMP Support
Integrated configuration saves time and ensures greater accuracy and consistency
• Graphical Network views
• Group Monitoring
Group and topological focus increases usability and provides abstraction, thereby reducing the complexity of the network
Configuration Management Configure your Spectrum24 radio network to fit your needs, providing detailed control of each node
Performance and Scalability Manage WLAN size and performance with distributed intelligent collector architecture and both subnet-level and group configuration and monitoring
Exception-Based Management Monitor key parameters in the WLAN for values that exceed a predefined threshold and notify network operators or support personnel
Drill Down or Component Zooming Expand information as required
Configuration Access Control List Controls devices attached to network
Firmware and Software Revision Control Remote configuration of remote system components from a central location; no service calls for software upgrades
11 Mbps High Data Rate, 802.11, and Spring AP Protocol Support Supports all available Spectrum24 Access Points and protocols; distinct icons represent each type
Enterprise Management Platform Integrated Single management console integrates wireless management with existing infrastructure

Platforms WNMS supports offerings for its two configurations:
WNMS Integrated OpenView Tivoli/NetView Unicenter TNG
Manages entire network with seamless integration into enterprise management platforms
Advanced management for complete enterprise management with integration, from install to capacity planning and analysis
OpenView-Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT and Windows NT Tivoli/NetView-AIX Unicenter-Windows NT
WNMS Enterprise Single or multi-site, stand-alone management
Does not require other network management platforms
Supports WLAN Installation and configuration, as well as total enterprise management of the wireless network at one or multiple locations
Platforms: Windows NT

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