Symbol Sprectrum 24 Wireless Network- 802.11

IEEE 802.11 Seamless, Wireless Connection Between Wired Ethernet LANs and Computing Devices
Symbol's Spectrum24 AP 3020 Ethernet Access Point strategically placed in your facility creates a seamless, wireless network extension, providing mobile workers with immediate access to mission-critical information and enabling real-time communications throughout the enterprise. Designed for high levels of speed, the AP 3020 provides a fast 2 Mbps network link with any number of devices equipped with Spectrum24 Wireless LAN PC Cards,Spectrum24 radio cards or ISA cards. 
The AP 3020 is designed to IEEE 802.11 standards for wireless local area networks (WLAN) and is based on frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology for secure, reliable data and voice communications at ranges of up to 2,000 ft/606 m. Advanced mobile IP features allow network clients to roam freely about the facility while remaining connected to any standards-based LAN system. Other features of the award-winning AP 3020 include: 
  • Enhanced, built-in diagnostics
  • MAC layer bridge based on the IEEE 802.11 to Ethernet standard
  • Powerful data encryption and decryption based on the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Equivalent Privacy standard
  • UTP fiber and COAX connectivity options
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Mobile IP support
  • Wireless bridge support

Maximum Connectivity to Support Mobile Workers The AP 3020 boosts productivity and communications by providing real-time network access to PC-compatible laptop and desktop computers, hand-held computers, Symbol's portable terminals with integrated scanners and voice-over-IP NetVision® Phone and Data Phone. 
Wherever associates are located, from sales floors to manufacturing areas, the AP 3020 provides fast access to information and to each other. And when you're coverage and range needs grow, your Spectrum24 wireless LAN can be expanded simply by adding more access points. 
Easy Administration and Network Management The AP 3020 is administered using a number of bundled management tools for quick install, maintenance, and upgrade. In addition, you can manage your entire WLAN installation using Symbol's SpectrumSoftTM suite of tools, including software for monitoring and controlling network activity and performance. SpectrumSoft offers Web-based tools for fast application development, and supports three-tier client/server architecture for Internet-and-intranet-based thin-client connection to your servers and host systems. The AP 3020 supports full backward compatibility to existing Spectrum24 IEEE 802.11 products such as the AP 2410, LA 24XX, and EB 24XX series. 
Extending Your Information Wirelessly With more than 45,000 wireless LAN sites installed, Symbol's global wireless industry leadership is founded on a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and knowledgeable services. Spectrum24 brings you a unique combination of benefits that enable your organization's end-to-end mobile computing strategy and optimizes the capture, computing and communication of data crucial to business decision-making and success. 

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