SPT 1700 Product Family 
Rugged Pocketable Computers with Wireless Capability
The SPT 1700 family continues the revolution of pocketable computing, bringing integrated scanning, sophisticated connectivity and ruggedness to the category-leading line of easy-to-use data management tools from Symbol Technologies.

The SPT 1700 family from Symbol, the world leader in data capture, computing and communications solutions at the point of activity, combines the latest in miniature bar code scanning technology with the popular 3Com® Palm Computing® platform. The SPT 1700 offers ruggedized data collection for batch applications while the SPT 1740 broadens your data communication capabilities with its built-in link to the open architecture of the Spectrum24®. This wireless LAN from Symbol Technologies enables up-to-the-minute information flow between the point of activity and your remote host systems.

Empower Your Work Force Feature-rich, the SPT 1700 product family extends the reach of IT resources in a host of industries. Hospital physicians and caregivers can have the latest patient data at hand. Warehouse management can easily record new inventory levels to networked host systems as shipments are unloaded. Service professionals in hospitality can offer curbside check-in at hotels and mobile sales counters during peak times.

Detailed attention to ergonomics and sleekly rounded edges provide a secure fit in the hand. At 7 in./17.8 cm high, the SPT 1700 easily slips into a pocket. Weighing just 10.3 oz/ 288 gm, this powerful productivity tool is a perfect fit for mobile workers who capture and communicate information on the job.

The scan engine in the SPT 1700 family is the SE 900 from Symbol Technologies. This state-of-the-art scan engine, the smallest, lightest and brightest available today, delivers premium performance even at ranges of up to 30 in./76.2 cm.

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