IX66 Internet Gate 
This firewall epresents a new generation of advanced, highly functional and compact broadband access products. 
It includes an access router enabling several PCs and other devices to share a single broadband connection and a firewall for security and privacy. 
The firewall has the unique feature of handling IP Telephony and other applications conforming to the SIP standard.

Broadband, Security and Privacy
In the broadband era, there is a completely new security scenario. It is no longer sufficient to rely on the safety mechanism of the dialed up line, where short connection times and dynamic IP addresses made attacks unlikely. Instead, the fixed Internet connection, giving many of the advantages of broadband, also makes it necessary to use a competent firewall to protect your PC from becoming part of the public Internet! 
Without a firewall, you risk malicious attacks accessing your private data and documents or even destroying them. Using a software firewall, in form of a background program running on your PC, is an alternative, but a hardware firewall in front of your PC is safer. It also protects all devices on a LAN, not just a single PC, and it does not slow down the PC. 
The firewall integrated with the access router in the Internet Gate assures that your local area network (LAN) remains private and not part of the Internet. The firewall uses packet filtering, stateful inspection and application proxies together with NAT to protect your network. 
The powerful yet easy to use configuration allows games and other applications to pass the firewall. First on the market, the IX66 firewall fully supports the SIP protocol, making it possible to use IP Telephony, Presence and Instant Messaging and Appliances Control. Previously, such applications were impossible on a protected LAN!

New applications - Not just Mbit/s
Broadband Internet access is not just a question of speed, it is also about services, applications, privacy and security. The broadband connection means that the Internet is always available for fast surfing and email. Moreover, the always-on connection also makes new applications possible and their usage is expected to explode in the years to come. 
Telephones connected to the Internet through your broadband access or LAN is becoming available. Such new IP telephones, following the IETF SIP standard, will give lower rates, global connectivity and many new features compared to the ordinary black phones. 
In the next few years, the efforts of current research and development will result in home appliances controllable from the Internet. We will not only see intelligent refrigerators and video recorders, but also alarm, surveillance, energy consumption control and more. 
IP Telephony and Home Appliances Control, as well as Presence and Instant Messaging, require that devices in your private area can be safely accessed from the Internet, something that is not possible through ordinary firewalls. SIP is a new standardized protocol used for such applications, and the IX66 Internet Gate is fully SIP-aware to handle both new and future applications!

Access Router
The built-in access router separates your local network (LAN) from the Internet, assuring that only external data traffic is passed to and from the Internet. In addition, the NAT function allows your PCs and other equipment on the LAN to use private IP addresses, hidden from the Internet. And you only need a single global IP address to connect all the equipment you need!

Features, Flexibility and Ease of Use
In addition to offering an unmatched combination of features and functionality, the IX66 Internet Gate is easy to set up and use. The basic set-up can be performed with the front panel keys. A built-in web server makes the full configuration available from any PC with a standard web browser connected to the network. Private IP addresses are automatically distributed to your LAN from the built-in DHCP server. 
The user interface is designed to allow both professionals and ordinary users to configure the access router and firewall easily. Although all common set-up and operation is self explanatory, built-in help and an on-line manual give the guidance and assistance that may be required for more advanced operations. 
The front panel display indicates the speed and other useful information. With a key on the front panel you can select alternative security profiles. 
The IX66 firmware is user upgradeable, making new firmware releases with added functions and features easily available to the user. 


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